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As I look back on this very eventful year, I see that my biography certainly needs an update. I have had many wonderful new beginnings this year as well as a great deal of building upon previously laid foundations. I am very grateful to all the people Iíve worked with who have let me walk with them on their path as a reader, healer, medium and teacher. Thank you! May your journey continue to be blessed!

To start at the beginning, my name is Rev. Pauline Southard.  I have been on the metaphysical path for the last 16 years.  As a child, I fell in love with the stars and the magic of the night sky.  I spent many nights as a young girl peering through my telescope in awe of the wonders I beheld.  I felt that there was a missing piece in the astronomy I was learning with its emphasis on numbers and theories. The mystery was missing and there was no mention of the connection between the universal and the personal. When I discovered metaphysics and specifically astrology at the age of 30, it was as though the light came on for me and started the most amazing journey of my life.  I studied astrology, tarot, channeling, and sat in unfoldment circles with many wonderful teachers. I soon began to read professionally for clients.  I knew immediately that this was what I was born to do!  My reading style is totally unique and has evolved over the years.  My readings can include astrology, tarot, mediumship, channeling of spirit guides, mediumship and psychic information.  My primary goal is to obtain the information that my clients need at that moment in time.

I first began to read as a phone psychic for various psychic hotlines. It was a truly wonderful job in many aspects as it gave me the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients all over the USA. I also began to teach tarot and astrology through adult education.

Astrology was my first metaphysical passion. I love itís ability to illuminate souls, precisely describe clients challenges and assets, look at the energies that they will be working with in the future, assess the physical bodyís health and vitality, give amazingly accurate information about how people will interact in any relationship, and give parents vital information about how best to encourage their childrenís talents, makes it my favorite concrete metaphysical art. Membership in the National Council for Geocosmic Research, the leading astrological organization, broadened my astrological knowledge and put me in contact with many wonderful teachers.

I soon became enchanted with tarot. Tarot has been called the royal road to the subconscious. I use tarot to give added depth and specificity to the readings I give to my clients. I love the amazing varieties of tarot decks that have been created and am an avid collector. I tend to read with several different decks, using each deck for a specific type of question.

Mediumship entered my life after a dear friend crossed over.  I began participating sitting in circles to develop my talent. Those initial experiences have been some of the most profound events of my life.  It was an amazing and incredibly moving experience for me to speak and see the relatives of those I was reading for telling me their life stories and concerns. I feel truly blessed to have been able to help those in grief to know with certainty that their relatives who had crossed over, are not lost, but simply have continued on their soulís journey without the bodies they no longer need. I really felt that I had discovered one of the secrets of the universe! 

A serious health challenge several years ago inspired me to become a Reiki Master and study various forms of energy healing. During a magical journey to Glastonbury, England in 2003, I was introduced to a particularly potent form of energy healing. This year I returned to England to learn how to work with this modality more extensively with spectacular results for my clients. One person who was in a coma fully hooked up to all the machinery the hospital had to offer woke up five minutes after the session ended. Iíve had clients stop drinking, find the love of their lives, gain self confidence and make major strides forward on their soilís journey.  Recently, one client who was scheduled for hernia surgery canceled the surgery because the surgeon informed him that the hernia disappeared. I had worked with him twice before his visit to the surgeon. Iím so excited to be working with a form of energy work that consistently yields such spectacular results.  I also offer a ďHolistic Preparation for Surgery ProgramĒ for those clients who do require surgery. They have told me that they felt much better than expected upon awakening from anesthesia, with quicker recovery times and vastly improved emotional/mental attitude.

The opportunity to read at Instant Karma has been a major blessing in my life. This year I celebrate my sixth year at this magical metaphysical store.  To all of you who Iíve had the privilege to work with, be of assistance to and learn from-THANK YOU!! 

For me, a reading is a journey of exploration that I take with you.  During a reading, I often channel your guides, look at past lives, and speak with loved ones who have crossed over, gain insight from your astrology chart and work with the tarot. However, these are all just tools to be used to address your concerns and to help you to move forward on your path.

I am so pleased to be the co-author of, ďThe Essential Guide to AstrologyĒ with Ama Patterson published by Peter Pauper Press this year.  This divination tool is designed to help you to read for yourself and others as well as to gain a greater insight into the fascinating art of astrology. We had a wonderful lively book signing at Borders to celebrate. The reading we did using the divination deck at the book signing quite accurately predicted that President Bush would win re-election.

Reading parties were a lot of fun to participate in this year. My favorite Sagittarian palm reader Roni Todd and I teamed up to provide some very interesting entertainment at various engagement parties, wedding showers, birthday parties and charity events. One of our favorite events was the reading party Court TV threw to celebrate the start of its fall season. We read for so many amazing people that day!

In a year chock full of wonderful new beginnings, my personal favorite has been creating with my guides a totally unique method of teaching astrology, tarot, connecting with your spirit guides and psychic development.  Iíve had the pleasure to work with the most remarkable students who were truly willing to open their hearts and minds and explore exciting new uncharted territory.  Many of my students found that seemingly unrelated issues in their life were suddenly healed. A huge thank you to all of you for letting me share the voyage with you!!!!!!!!

I believe it is so important for all of us to make time to be able to listen to our inner voice and our guides. This year as typical for me, I took time out in the summer to meditate, channel and replenish myself and I plan to do so again this January. Travel has long been an opportunity for me to journey on many different levels. Years ago, I channeled information from one of my guides that part of my path is to visit as many as possible of this planetís mystical sacred sights for the purpose of channeling and meditating. I have had wonderful experiences at Machu Picchu, the Egyptian pyramids, TeotihuacŠn in Mexico, many Buddhist sites in Southeast Asia including Borobudur in Java and Bodhnath in Katmandu, Nepal and probably my favorite - Glastonbury, England which has some of the most wonderful energy that went straight to my heart and changed my life forever.

I very much look forward to 2006 with its share of gifts and challenges. In a world that is very much in need of healing, starting with our own hearts, I believe that it is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness. I know that we can all live in a world that is ablaze with the light of all of our collective candles as soon as we realize that we all have the power to manifest that which we most desire!