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The Lunar Eclipse of Dec 31, 2009


Eclipses have been observed with great fear and amazement since the dawn of time.  Astrologers have correlated major world and personal events within days of eclipses, which disrupt the energetic functioning of life here on Earth.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are in precise alignment.  The Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth, often turning colors that range from dark brown to blood red.  If the eclipse is total, the Moon will seem to completely disappear, however in this partial eclipse, the Moon won’t fully become invisible.  Usually eclipses occur as a pair, a lunar then a solar Eclipse roughly every six months. We feel the effects most strongly for about two weeks before the lunar eclipse and then two weeks after the solar eclipse. I will discuss the mid January solar eclipse as we get closer to it.

Lunar eclipses are super powerful full moons, allowing us the opportunity to become fully aware of situations and issues we haven’t been mindful of.  Expect to feel very emotional. The demons we’ve been hiding from ourselves surface in some very dramatic ways.

We can use this time to consciously release any past patterns we’ve been manifesting.  All of the energy healing modalities are perfect for this purpose.  

With all this, we will feel like we might as well have a good time now. With both Mercury and Mars retrograde now, if you want to party this New Years Eve, definitely appoint a designated driver.

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