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   Here are some of my favorite sites. I hope you enjoy them as well.


http://www.instantkarmastore.com  the magical metaphysical store where I read for clients and facilitate the monthly Reiki healing circle.  We carry an amazing variety of objects including many hard to find items such as rare crystals and Perelandra vibrational essences.


Original, one of a kind, handmade jewelry creations! 



http://www.massagebymaria.addr.com/     Maria is a NY State licensed massage therapist (LMT).  Massage reduces stress and boosts the system/function.  Maria practices on Long Island.


http://www.tarotpassages.com/     Wonderful tarot reviews and articles


 http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/      Beautiful images from a multitude of decks including many self and unpublished decks


http://www.perelandra-ltd.com/AB1473/index.cfm?&did=8  extremely effective vibrational flower remedies


http://www.stonesandscents.com/index.html   lovingly crafted powerful oils


http://www.astrodatabank.com/index.htm    a truly useful astrology site


Some other sites of interest include:


Soul Guidance
A site of psychic artists Carol Herzer and Dirk Gillabel,
featuring tarot decks, chakra cards, astrological chart paintings, painting
gallery, singing bowls and many esoteric and spiritual articles. Their illuminated healing tarot deck is my basic reading deck. Truly magical!


A Natural Place !!

Natural and holistic health!

www.anaturalplace.com http://www.anaturalplace.com/


Opening Doorways to Heal

You do have healing choices! I can help you to change your energy which will enable you to create your heaven on earth! It is my passion and my joy to help you to discover your divine potential. The treatments and therapies described will help you to embrace, activate, experience and live consciously as the remarkable Being you are!



Beyond the Rainbow: Resources for Well-being/Gifts with Spirit
Flower Essences, Crystals, Aromatherapy, Fountains, Jewelry
Two Free Newsletters and an Email Course on the Chakras


TarotCycles: unique tarot horoscope for the seven cycles of your year.



The Dream Interpretation Center

Learn how to decode and understand the meaning in your dreams in a positive environment.



L&M Music

Healing Products is dedicated to finding the highest quality
products and offering them to you at the lowest prices. On this site you will find accelerated learning products, healing music,tools for meditation and other products for your Mind, Body & Soul.




Sacred Light Studio presents Mark Henson, Visionary Artist, painting the deepest fears and highest aspirations of humanity. Beautiful artwork that engages body,mind and spirit!



2knowY Organisation

Quantum-Reality Consciousness answers your
Life-Problems through 2knowY Organisations, publications, 'Life's Secrets Revealed', Discussion Forums, Metaphysical Workshops and Personal Counselling. ...  discusses the link between physics and metaphysics- one of my pet interests


3.2 years Life Cycles in Time and Synchronicity Coincidences.
 Using birthdays and repeating circles for insight in your consciousness, course of life, relationship, child raising, career, business, study and destiny.


The Usui System of Natural Healing

Reiki treatments and training on the beautiful
garden island of Kauai, Hawaii



Psychic Marie!
 Accurate caring psychic tarot readings on any problem, especially on love and jobs.


Spiritual support and resources


Mountain Valley Center's Resources for Well Being
Include Feng Shui Supplies, Sound Healing Tools, Aromatherapy, Free Article Library, Certified Continuing Education, Polarity Therapy, a Public Labyrinth Park, and more!


The Awakening Center

 A nonprofit website designed to be a network and source of information on metaphysics and the use of the metaphysical/esoteric tools; astrology, numerology and tarot, to achieve personal growth, inner peace and balanced health.




Building the New Civilization through conscious living.


Self-Healing Expressions
Providing spiritual healing, new age gifts, guided meditation and holistic education through courses dealing with alternative healing, new age healing, holistic health and healing prayer


Years To Your Health
 We have been providing fresh, high quality Herbs, Vitamins, Essential Oils, Extracts, and Teas to the Dallas, Fort Worth (DFW) area for many years.


Esotericism & Modern Science

A site designed to make you think!



Offering free metaphysical teachings, accurate life readings, animal totems, readers question-answer forum, prophecies, articles and techniques for soul growth and spiritual awakening.



Reach for the Sky Within...The Innersites: Where the Arts, the Sciences and Spirituality Synergize



Amethyst Light

A Metaphysical gift shop for those looking for products designed exclusively to aid in healing mind, body and spirit.



Metaphysical Consultants

Opening the door to cognative self improvement



Master Maker Productions

Offering products which encourage spiritual
development and Self-Mastery in children.


Astrology and Horoscope Portal

Astrology and Horoscope Portal - offers searchable links to Daily, Vedic, Chinese, Love, Wealth, Health horoscopes with zodiac sun sign resources and an astrological discussion forum.



Biddy Tarot

Biddy offers professional Tarot readings. Extensive information including Tarot card meanings, links, and articles.


The Healthy New Age Success Center
A spiritual adventure. Learn about Reiki, Reflexology, Shamanic,
and Inner Child Healing. Discover how to lose weight, reduce stress, sleep better, stop pain and heal. Original Intrasound products


Oasis TV

New Age content provider of new age news, metaphysical, spiritual, environmental, world peace and personal growth programming.



Body, Mind & SoulHealer - Rediscover Your Wholeness
Dr. Rita Louise, ND is an expert at looking at and working
with energy and the imbalances of energy that affect us. Dr. Louise is a naturopath, medical intuitive, professional clairvoyant, mind-body healer and herbal practitioner.



A spiritual site  that seeks to know the Source and better manifest Spirit through the application of spiritual principles in physical life.



The Halls of Reiki

Consists of four wings with many rooms containing extensive information on Reiki. Room titles include History & Origin, Information for New Practitioners, Reiki in Daily Life, Reiki First Aid, Reiki Links, and much more. Site also contains a book store and Hall of Music.



iManna, Solution-Based Living.

Innovative Personal and Spiritual Growth, Addictions and Recovery, Prayer & Meditation programs.



Magical Journey

Offers Unique Gifts, Spiritual Products, Massage Therapy and Psychic Tarot Readings for a New Age of Metaphysical and Holistic Wellness.



 Center for Divinity

Our mission is to focus on Spiritual Growth and Inner Peace.



Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe

Presents ideas and images about transforming consciousness and reaching a higher level of reality.




Web's Largest Alternative Health and Spiritual Search Engine

www.godserver.comSpiritual Light Journey - Services, books, ezine

Spiritual Light Journey: spiritual services of counseling,

groups/seminars,and informational ezine relating to spirituality, self-help, new thought, and metaphysics



Heaven and Earth 

Heaven and Earth provides unusual gifts, ideas, products, and information relating to natural health alternatives.    www.heavenlyideas.com


The Heartlink Mission and Crop Circle Information
Provides information and workshops on Crop Circles, England, UFOs, Shining Ones, Spirituality, Ascension, Multidimensionality & Human Potential and Peace Movement.


 Stella Sole

How can we find our true way? How can we get to know the faculties we all possess? How can we develop them? Stella Sole clarifies all these questions, sheding a new light on these matters in her literary works.



Namaste Cafe
Lightworkers sharing, communicating, learning, growing in Love and Peace. Joining together as One, creating Heaven on Earth!


The Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge
A center for the study and practice of esoteric healing and psychology, energy work, spiritual astrology and prophecy, plus metaphysics


Spirit Emerging 

Here you can learn about Reiki, EMF Balancing Technique, Magnified Healing, Aura Videos and full body pictures Workshops, practitioners and distance healing also available. 



Hillside Herbal
Natural remedies like herbal healing ointments and healing oils with calendula, tea tree,
st john's wort and essential oils, as well as relaxing , sport and baby massage oil.


Claudia's Lightworker Supplies

Secure online shopping for the most beautiful metaphysical jewelry on the market today - Goddess, Egyptian, Totems, Pentacles, Celtic, Gothic, Rings, Booksof Shadows on CD, Psychic Protection eSeminar, and much more.



 The Studio, Inc.

Tarot software for professionals and beginners, video, and other

New Age spiritual gifts



 The Old Age Metaphysical Country Store

Metaphysical products for self discovery, self empowerment or spiritual enlightenment. We specialize in high quality crystals and minerals at great prices; an excellent selection of jewelry, metaphysical books and tarot decks, incense, candles, essential oils, and new age music.


A comprehensive and ever-expanding website offering esoteric
texts, resources and services, including free e-books


Healing From Within

Compassionate counseling, intuitive tarot readings, Reiki training and transformational classes provide a holistic approach to therapy and personal growth.



The Hangedman Tarot And More

Online source for the alternate paths. Metaphysical readings, components, tools, and other items for the everyday pagan.



One World Events Calendar

We network events of the Holistic, Spiritual, Alternative Health, Metaphysical, and Educational type, taking place in both the USA and all over the world.



Mandala Zone
View original mandalas, order a print of a mandala, or commission your own unique, personal mandala for meditation, spiritual focus and inner peace.



A quest towards empowerment, metaphysical insight, spiritual purpose and personal development.


The Kryon Web Site

Channeling and more



Health Shaman

Aromatherapy and high grade essential oils



Spiritual Healing Books on Emotional Health

 Spiritual Healing Books emphasizing Emotional Health through

Expressing Emotions and Feelings. Mind Body and Soul Book Excerpts.

Metaphysical Psychology Theory on Human Growth and Development.




Spiritual healing techniques for holistic health.  Multidimensions.com offers books and tapes for cognitive psychology and energy healing.



Angel Channel.Com

Rev. Terra Sonora, Channeler of Angels for 12 years, Teacher of Meditation, Channeled Articles



Stepping Stones... on the path to light

Enlightening stories and spirit encounters. Angel healing temple and

spiritual guidance. Online New Age store with pyramids, music, art & rock shop.



The Holistic Health Guide

The online guide to symptoms and their treatment with alternative therapies.



Jade Dragon Online

Jade Dragon Online expands your knowledge of Asian culture through

feature articles on martial arts, Asian philosophy, holistic health, doing

business in Asia, the Asian-American experience, and much, much more!