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The Mind/Body Healing Connection Program

& Preparation for Surgery


I created the Mind/Body Healing Connection Program and the Preparation for Surgery Program after my own health challenges and subsequent surgeries.  Both are based on the enormous power of the mind to heal the body.  Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of these methods.  My personal experiences have included using these techniques to help to heal a staph infection.  My Dr. told me that if it did not improve over the weekend, she would need to perform an operation that Monday.  She prescribed an antibiotic that we later discovered was useless, as I had contracted a form of staph that was resistant to that antibiotic, and sent me home. Two surgeries in the space of a month were more than enough! I was determined to avoid a third.  I immediately created appropriate affirmations (there is a very specific way to do this) and I visualized myself healed.  Over the course of that weekend, the skin lost its angry red color and returned to normal.  To my Dr.’s happy surprise, I avoided surgery.  That healing was an important lesson for me and left a major impact.


Since that time, I have added Reiki and hypnosis to the methods I employ.  I help clients create suitable affirmations and visualizations. We put together a “surgery kit” for the hospital. Reiki sessions are also a part of the program, before and after surgery.  We may speak with their higher self and/or the part of the body that is challenged to gain further insight. I have helped client’s successfully champion hysterectomies, knee surgeries, gall bladder removals and stomach surgeries among others.  Results have been excellent.  Clients have reported feeling so good that they exerted themselves to soon. I now strongly urge everyone to strictly follow their Dr.’s aftercare instructions now matter how fabulous they feel!


In addition to working with client’s physical challenges, I’ve also used these methods to help to address long standing emotional and mental patterns.  I may use hypnosis for past life regressions to determine how far back the roots of the issue lay. We may do inner child work to create a positive experience that the client has not had previously. This lays the groundwork for generating new positive behaviors and patterns.  I utilize Reiki to help the cells to release their old memories and feelings.  These methods, along with traditional therapy have helped my clients to move forward on their life path.


The Mind/Body Healing Connection Program and the Preparation for Surgery Program address the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of healing.  Additionally, to give ourselves the best opportunities to heal, it is important to avail ourselves of the best that Western medicine has to offer, suitable holistic and complimentary options, such as acupuncture and massage, an excellent nutritional program that is customized for our needs and appropriate physical exercise.  I also believe that it is vitally important to empower ourselves by learning as much as possible about our bodies, our particular health challenges and our healing options.  In this way we can truly heal on all levels.



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