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I believe all of us are capable of manifesting the gift of mediumship.  Our major impediment has been our culture’s prevailing belief that it is impossible to communicate with those who have crossed over.  Admitting to such a talent in the past could result in a trip to the nearest psychiatric facility.  It is just now becoming much more accepted and recognized, thanks to mediums such as John Edwards and Sylvia Browne.  I feel this reflects the concerns of the aging baby boom generation as we address issues pertaining to the second half of life.


I am very blessed to be able to receive external validation from my clients when I receive messages from their loved ones.  Clients’ deceased relatives frequently relate details to me that I have no other way of knowing and often that they themselves need to speak with other family members to confirm. My initial experiences with clients totally amazed and awed me.  They also put my communications with my own spirit friends and relatives in a broader context.


Unlike many other mediums who are shown symbols, spirit friends simply speak with me.  It is either like having a conversation in person or talking with someone on the telephone.  Usually, they will tell me about their lives and then give me a message for my client.  Sometimes, they do show me scenes and I will hear names.  It is marvelous to me how such messages from the other side can cause positive changes in those who receive them.  One woman, whose departed father came through with much of his life story including the miscarriage of his six month old son, told me he was very proud of his daughter and understood better now what she had been trying to accomplish. She told me, with tears in her eyes, how wonderful it was to finally feel his pride in her.


I find that those who have crossed over are most often essentially the same on the other side as they were when they were incarnate on this plane of existence. To date, I have not met anyone who has become an angel or a saint by virtue of passing! Frequently those in spirit gain much insight and a broader perspective than they had when they were here.  However, the spirit friends I have met are very concerned about their loved ones who are still on the Earth plane and wish to help them. I have been visited by a group of women in spirit who had all passed from cancer and wanted to learn Reiki, a form of energy healing, in order to be able to send healing to all those who are ill on Earth as well as to their loved ones.


If you are interested in connecting with the other side, you might begin by asking for a dream before you go to sleep.  Then, surround yourself with white light.  Ask for only the highest and most positive energy to come through. Make sure to have a paper and pen by your bed to write down the details of any dreams you have as soon as you wake up.  It is often easier for those who have passed over to come through in dreams first.  You will find that these dreams have a totally different quality than a typical dream.  They feel real, are much more vivid and they don’t fade away like an ordinary dream does. An excellent book to explore this subject further is “Contacting the Spirit World” by Linda Williamson.


I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to serve spirit in this manner.