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An  Astrological Look at Leadership

By Rev. Pauline Southard


What are the qualities of leadership? What makes a good leader?  This is certainly a question worth giving some thought to in this election year. As our country heads into a recession, this the qualities of a leader become more important both on the personal and national level. As a practicing professional astrologer, I know that the birth charts of the candidates can give us important insight into their real personalities and motivations, much deeper than how they are portrayed by their handlers and the media.

I choose to begin by reflecting on the qualities of leadership. I feel that essentially leadership is the ability to create a positive vision of change and of our potential, the ability to communicate these ideas in an inspiring way to others so this vision can be implemented and the people skills necessary to encourage others to persevere through the initial stages of these changes.  Leaders must also be able to have the creative ability to imagine fresh new approaches to existing situations and the courage to be able to keep their vision despite other’s opposition but the wisdom to know when to be adaptable and flexible.  A VERY tall order!!

I decided to look at the birth charts of two Presidents who were acknowledged leaders, George Washington and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Both Washington and Roosevelt had astrological charts that showed Mercury in air signs, signifying an ability to communicate well.  Senator Barack Obama’s Mercury is on Leo opposing Jupiter showing an ability to communicate with great drama, but with the tendency to overdue it at times. Senator Hilary Clinton’s Mercury is in Scorpio retrograde, which can give her the appearance of   twisting the truth.  Senator John McCain’s Mercury is in the air sign of Libra, which squares his North Node, causing him to have challenges communicating his ideas. the path of soul growth.  So, Barack Obama has the best Mercury overall which governs the all-important function of communication.

Another crucial ingredient in the making of an exceptional leader is the ability to be inspired and to inspire others.  George Washington, a Pisces, had the idealistic vision of a democracy spring from the depths of his soul, Roosevelt an Aquarian, was the champion of a whole new way of helping his fellow Americans through the work and social programs he started during the Great Depression, including Social Security.

Charisma is a very important quality in a successful President.  It is helpful to have a decent amount of fire and air in a national leader’s chart John F Kennedy was a Gemini, an air sign, Barack Obama & former President Bill Clinton, both Leos, a fire sign, have wonderful golden child charismatic personas.  President Clinton told us he was the “man from Hope, during his initial Presidential campaign!  Both ask us to have hope while John McCain’s Earth emphasis, his Sun, Neptune, Venus in Virgo and Moon in Capricorn accentuates the practical side of his nature (reminiscent of President George Washington’s chart) Hillary Clinton has her Mars, Pluto and Saturn all right next to each other in Leo.  She won’t be shy about using the United States military as a threat if she feels it’s necessary.  She has very little air in her birth chart, making it more difficult for her to project the image of herself that she would like to.  She succeeds by plugging away and working hard, typical qualities of a Scorpio. When I looked at Senator Clinton’s chart using the astrological predictive technique of secondary progression, I saw that her Moon is in the air sign of Gemini currently. I believe that this will help her be able to communicate more emotionally at this time and connect better with potential voters.  Senator Clinton’s Sun by secondary progression has moved into Capricorn the natural authority figures of the zodiac.  Her message has been that her unique experiences as a first lady and senator will make her ready on day one to be President- a very Capricorn idea.  Despite the fact that Senator Clinton is running behind Senator Obama, it is never wise to count a Scorpio out.  They have a remarkable way of rising from their ashes, one way or another!


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