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Reiki came into my life after on of the most frightening experiences I’ve ever had.  Recovering from a surgery marred by a severe staph infection, I certainly felt afraid of my bodies abilities to heal and powerless to help myself.  A very dear friend who is a traditional Usui Reiki Master suggested I study with her.  Reiki could help with both the physical and emotional scarring I had experienced.


Reiki is universal life force energy or simply universal love channeled through the body.  It is a hands on healing system of great power.  Reiki is different than other healing systems in two important ways.  First, the healer acts as a channel for the energy.  S/he never becomes tired or drained because the energy flows through the body.  Secondly, a Reiki Master / teacher who has been trained must attune the student.  In this process, the student’s energy channels are opened and cleared of obstructions.  S/he is now able to heal oneself, others, animals and even plants. 


There are three steps in the Usui Reiki system.  Reiki I greatly aids one’s own physical healing.  Reiki II attunements enable the receiver to send healing at a distance and through time as well.  The Usui Reiki symbols are introduced as well.  The recipient starts a cycle of emotional healing.  Reiki III is the Master / teacher level.  It is then possible to teach Reiki and pass on this beautiful gift on to others.


I began my Reiki journey by receiving Reiki treatments.  I noticed pain reduction and feelings of deep peace and relaxation.


My Reiki I attunement took place on a beautiful spring day when life was coming back to the Earth and to me.  My hands grew warm and I began to see a past life I had shared with my friend, the Reiki Master.  Experiences vary greatly with the first Reiki attunement.  Others in my group who were receiving their first attunements along with me had much milder experiences.


Since that day, I do not experience the debilitating migraine headaches I have had all my life.  All who have had migraines can attest to the pain, nausea and flashing lights that can put an end to the day’s activities.  After my attunements, the next time I started to develop a headache, I treated myself with Reiki.  Fifteen minutes later I was chatting with my husband and planning dinner.  This was amazing to me.  None of the prescription medicines had ever worked for me.  I regained much greater movement in the area of my surgery as well.  I am truly grateful for this.


Later I continued with Reiki II.  It is common after a Reiki II initiation to start a cycle of emotional healing.  Old patterns and fears resurface and allow you the opportunity to work with them in a more conscious and positive way.


After my Reiki II initiation, I needed to have an infected tooth removed.  I originally put it off for quite some time because ever since childhood, I had been extremely fearful of the dentist.  As a child, I would start getting frightened of my dentist appointment days before a visit.  Furthermore, I was warned that the oral surgery would be complicated and lengthy.  I was very concerned about having another bad reaction from the anesthesia the oral surgeon recommended and therefore requested that only a local anesthesia be used.  With great reluctance, he agreed and was ultimately amazed at how well I handled the procedure.


Prior to the surgery, I used the Reiki methods for physical and emotional healing as well as affirmation and visualization.  The oral surgeon urged me to take a powerful prescription pain killer.  He assured me I would be in great discomfort otherwise.  I agreed to fill the prescription but wait to take the medicine.  On the way home, I again treated myself with Reiki.  I never did feel the promised pain. This for me is another example of the magic of Reiki.  Now I am very comfortable with the dentist and need almost no anesthesia of any type.


Prompted by the voice of my spirit guides and Higher Self and sooner than I planned, I became a Usui Reiki Master.  Soon after, I was able to help a friend who was very ill and did not wish to go to a stranger for Reiki initiation.


I subsequently noticed that when I worked with clients, I was able to pick up very specific visual images that related to their current issues.  Reiki works on the emotional level as well as the intellectual level.  It is a wonderful adjunct to psychological counseling as it helps to release the energy of the client’s challenges on all levels.


Teaching and initiating others is a joyful, energizing, empowering experience for others and myself.  Results have included relief from chronic back pain, stress reduction / relaxation and help with insomnia.


Spirit led me to the study of Karuna Reiki.  Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means compassionate action.  The energy has a different feel than Usui Reiki...  Definitely more intense.  Karuna Reiki works with a series of Tibetan symbols that enhance the healing abilities of the practitioner.   Becoming a Karuna Reiki Master has enabled me to share with others this powerful energy.


I believe that Usui and Karuna Reiki are important pieces of an overall healing program.  Whether one is healing emotionally or physically or both as is often the situation.  I believe that as we progress on the path to physical and emotional healing, it is important to be open to all the modalities that are available to us at this time.  These choices include traditional Western medicine, Chinese medicine, nutritional counseling, various body / energy work techniques and all the varieties of psychological counseling.


By empowering ourselves with knowledge, it is possible to put together a healing program that addresses all of our needs…  Mind, body and soul.  As a friend said to me, “I have my healing team which consists of me, my M.D., acupuncturist, nutritionist, Reiki Master, counselor and astrologer.


As we move into this new century, I think it will become commonplace to have a “healing team” that will work with us to achieve the true emotional and physical health that is our birthright.