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Psychic Development Classes


With the help of my spirit guides, I have been blessed to have co-created a wonderfully unique method of teaching psychic development. Teaching is one of my most loved vocations.   There is nothing like seeing a student blossom on all levels of their life as they incorporate the information, skills and energy of the classes I am offering.  I create each lesson specifically to work with the energy and distinct goals of each student.  In addition to the lessons that are taught, I have been guided to develop methods of energetically broadening, deepening and expanding the intuitive and psychic ability of each student. I was amazed and delighted at some of the spectacular “side effects” that were experienced by my students.  One gentleman’s hernia disappeared much to the surprise of his surgeon.  Another woman discovered that she no longer needed to take sleeping pills to sleep and stopped drinking. Another student’s panic attacks ceased. I believe that the combination of the work we did together and their spiritual growth and intention combined to achieve these remarkable results.     

#1- Tarot Reading Classes- An intuitive approach to learning to read tarot cards.  You will be able to perform your first reading during the first session. Some students have gone on to become professional readers, others have used tarot to enhance their spiritual development and enrich their lives. Tarot is after all, the royal road to the subconscious!

#2- Psychic Enhancement – Energy sessions specifically designed using my unique method to enable you to expand your psychic abilities and further open your third eye.  Students have reported huge improvements in their clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities.

#3-Meeting Your Spirit Guide- Develop or strengthen your connection to your spirit guides. Our guides are waiting to help us!

#4- Past Life Regression / Future Life Progression Journey through time and space to discover who you were and can become. Remove the blocks on your path once and for all!

#5- Reiki Level I- Enrich your life by learning the art of energy healing. At the completion of this class, you will be able to perform a healing session on yourself as well as to work on people, plants and pets.

#6-Reiki Level II- You will learn the Reiki symbols and be empowered to send long distance healing as well as to send healing energy to past present and future situations. I use Reiki II literally EVERYDAY!

#7- Reiki Master- Become a Reiki Master and help to enlighten the world by teaching Reiki!

#8- Karuna I + II - Learn Karuna Reiki and expand your energies and healing abilities.

#9- Mediumship- Learn to speak with those who have crossed over and to connect with only the most positive energies.

In addition, other topics can be addressed at your request. Please call (516) 379-5550 for more information.