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On the global level, eclipses are associated with dramatic and explosive news stories, often in the days around the eclipse. As I write this, another man was just arrested on the same flight that was the target of attempted terrorism on Christmas.  I believe that when the whole eclipse chart is taken into account, including Mars retrograde, Mercury retrograde, the Saturn/Pluto square that the Sun and Moon just made sensitive as they aspected those degrees, this will be a much more intense & potentially violent period than most eclipse cycles.  There are often the deaths of well known people.

We’ll hear some very upsetting stories the next several days. Congress will have a really tough fight on its hands as it struggles to reconcile the health care bill.  Some hither to hidden costs will become known throwing fresh fuel into the debate.

There will be conflict pertaining to the strict application of justice vs. the need to temper it with mercy. Expect mercy to win. 

On a personal level, we can make the most positive use of this eclipse energy by being very conscious of our old relationship patterns and striving to transform them, especially as they relate to ay old issues we may have about power and control. Parents may find they are also in conflict about discipline challenges.  Keep your sense of humor; it will be an invaluable ally now.

Many thanks to the Rockland Astronomy Cub for their wonderful lunar eclipse diagram.

Happy New Year to all!!


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